Microcampus Presentation – Presentation at Learning By Design Conference, International School Brussels, March 2017.

Mini-Keynote for ACAMIS Conference – March 2016. ACAMIS Microcampus Mini-Keynote

Twitter – Powerful Personalized Professional Development – Article published in The International Educator (TIE) newspaper. December 2015. Twitter: Powerful Personalized PD

Standards-Based Grading – Presentation for Shanghai American School parents. September 2014.  Standards-Based Grading Presentation 2014.

21st Century Learning – Presentation for Shanghai American School parents. February 2014.  21C Learning Presentation

Microcampus: Alternative Learning Space of the Future – Presentation (with Jeff Rosen) at EARCOS Leadership Conference. October 2012.  MicrocampusEARCOS

Chinese & Western Education Forum – Panel participant with Shanghai school leaders on educational topics. June 2012.   Translated link to forum summary.

The SAS Microcampus Is Born – Article published in EAGLE magazine (p. 5). November 2011. Microcampus Is Born

The Future of Education. Article published in EAGLE magazine. November 2010.  The Future of Education (2010)

Positive Parent-Teacher Communication. Handout. 2010.
Parent-Teacher Communication