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Brad Latzke is the former middle school principal at Shanghai American School – Puxi Campus and  American School of Doha. He has taught and served in school leadership at international schools in Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Qatar, and China.

Change, significant change, in education is my passion and focus. After 31 years in formal education settings, I have hit the administrator pause button to focus on sharing my learning while promoting change in education.

Systemic change in education requires a sense of urgency by it’s decision-makers, leaders, practitioners fueled by input from the community we serve. I am keenly interested in supporting individuals, teacher teams, school leadership, and school communities in better understanding how coming shifts in education will be historic and inevitable. Short term linear thinking and planning needs coupling with the acceptance of an ambiguous future influenced by exponential change.

I am highly skilled and experienced in all facets of middle school teaching and leadership, K-12 assessment including standards-based assessment and reporting, collaborative leadership, international education, leading teacher & administrative collaborative groups, and public speaking.

What Others Are Saying


Tell Me About … / The Best Principal You’ve Ever Known  Educational Leadership, April 2013 | Volume 70 | Number 7 

Getting Wiser—and Softer

“I work with Brad Latzke, an incredible middle school principal at the Shanghai American School in China. Mr. Latzke says that as he gets wiser, he gets softer. Recently, one of his teachers got the green light to adopt a child from Africa after waiting for years and suffering through many disappointments. The teacher had to take leave multiple times to go and sign the paperwork and then spend time in the United States before coming back to her teaching job in China. Mr. Latzke not only ensured that she got the time off, but also allowed another teacher in his division to travel with her. Mr. Latzke has been a leader in supporting the family and collaborating with staff to ensure that her duties are covered while she is gone. The entire school has gone through this experience together; the staff feels as though they are all adopting this child.”

— Debbie Lane, (former) elementary principal, Puxi Campus, Shanghai American School, Shanghai, China


“I am now in my fifth year as Middle School Vice Principal at Shanghai American School.  During this time, I have collaborated daily with the current principal, Brad Latzke, and have benefitted from his experience as a teacher and administrator in overseas schools for more than 25 years.  What I have enjoyed most about our relationship is the professional trust that we have developed and the way in which we have shared all aspects of the leadership and management of the middle school division.  To say that I have grown tremendously as an educational leader through our collaborative work would be a significant understatement.”

— Dr. Theron Mott, Middle School Principal, Shanghai American School (written 2014)


“Your influence was felt far and wide by those who worked with you, but I wonder how often people let you know how much they appreciated your leadership. Here is what I wrote about you as part of my leadership course reflection:

I also had another strong mentor when I moved to China. Without a doubt, relationships and integrity drove him, and he is the most effective leader I have ever worked with. He was the epitome of servant leader – a perfect case study for Sargent Shriver’s 7 Characteristics of a Good Leader (established a sense of purpose, held us to common standards, practiced temperance, respectful to everyone he worked with, empowered those he led, had a vision, and had a deep commitment to the people and the work). The influence of this principal can be seen daily in my interactions and connections with others.

Thanks again for your positive influence and modeling effective and connecting leadership.”

— Former Teacher Colleague, email contact February 14, 2016


“As you likely know, the Innovation Institute (Shanghai American School HS) is in year three, with a fancy new facility (finally hitting stride), and I was thinking about how much the program has you to thank for getting the movement started. I suspect that you would not recognize so much of the HS today, in contrast to what [your daughter] experienced. You will be happy to know that outside of the Chinese department and the AP/IB courses, no one really gives final exams in the HS gym any more.”

— Former Teacher Colleague, Facebook message October 11, 2016


“The AAS Middle School is in its first year of standards based grading and reporting.  Recently, I was discussing SBGR resources with my principal and assistant principal, and I suggested they follow Brad Latzke on Twitter for his timely and highly-relevant tweets on the subject.  They found him to be a great source for articles and insights to make the transition smooth for all stakeholders.”

— Andrea Coffey, Reach Out And Touch Someone November 8, 2015


Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am grateful for your mentorship. I continue to use Marzano’s non-linguistic representation of vocab words that you passed on… I continue to remember that part of taking risks and trying new things as a teacher INVOLVES a learning curve that includes “not doing things as well as we would like initially”, but to jump in and try it… and it can bring great things to the classroom – that get better with practice! (Okay, so you said it differently, but that is how I remember it.) AND… I am not quiet in staff meetings anymore – maybe I share too much now! ha ha ha I do things as a teacher, that I remember you doing as a principal (ways of managing students and situations). So, just wanted to say thank you, Brad. You are one of my favourite and most memorable teachers.”

— Former Teacher Colleague, email contact November 10, 2015


“I would like to say a few words about Brad Latzke. His resignation presents another hurdle to our transition as a school. Brad has been the ASD middle school. His philosophy and affinity for middle school students are the very foundation on which our middle school is built, and his legacy at ASD will be impossible to forget.”

— Ed Ladd, Director, American School of Doha, October 2007


Interview Question: Who and what would I say have influenced me in my classroom instruction in recent times?

Response: “I wonder how much of Doha is already in my practice due to the best boss I’ve ever had.  The American School of Doha brought us Brad Latzke.  I imagine wearing a WWBD bracelet sometimes when I’m faced with a challenging situation.  His ability to listen with patience and compassion continues to make everyone he encounters feel important and valued.  Before anyone can feel safe to make art, take creative risks, and attempt to innovate through creating, they need to feel like their place in the room is invaluable and key to our art village. I’m not sure how much of Brad’s philosophy is just in his soul and how much was a product of his time at ASD, but I am grateful for his life lessons.”

— Former Teacher Colleague, email contact, October 6, 2016


“It’s great to see you make such contributions on Twitter, where I’m sure that you have a global audience.”

— Douglas Reeves, author, consultant in educational leadership & organizational effectiveness, August 2016.


“I was hoping we could Skype [sometime soon]. I’d really appreciate a Brad Latzke Leadership Course 101. Any topic is fair game and I’d love to hear about what you have learned over the years about creating organizational change, key pitfalls and success elements. I have great respect for you and highly value any advice.”

— Former Teacher Colleague, email contact, May 1, 2017


“Latzke is one of our leading thinkers about the future of education. ”

— Jim Lerman, Scoop.it! The 4th Era, July 19, 2017



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