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Why Change?
Does Education Really Need To Change? AJ Juliani. 2015
Understanding Why Education Must Change?  Johns Hopkins School of Ed. 1997
Why We Need To Change Education. Liam Aierstock (Age 15). 2015
The Best Possible Guarantee Of Learning. Will Richardson. 2015
How Much Longer Will ‘School’ Be Relevant?. Great conversation starter. 2016
Exponential Thinking & Why It Will Change The World. 2015
Humans, Tech, & The Future.  Slideshare by Gerd Leonhard.
Human Decision-Making: 6 Triggers For Change. 2016
Stranded In The Future. Questions to ask. Will you be ready? 2017
Less Than Five Years To Change. Learning, earning, caring. 2017
What Does AI Mean For Education? Background on AI, links, short videos.

The Cognitive Science of Education. 14 part series.
Designing The Ecosystem Of The Future. Urges leaders toward creativity, innovation.
Moore’s Law. Processing power of computers will double every two years.
The Third Industrial Revolution. Jeremy Rifkin’s view of new economic paradigm.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution. World Economic Forum. A different perspective.
Difference Between Linear & Exponential Thinking. Peter Diamandis explains.
Think Exponential. Another quick explanation.
In The Exponential Age. Good advice on transitioning.
Exploring An Exponential Mindset. Helps understand why exponential so important.
Artificial Intelligence. 10 things you need to understand.

What To Learn
A Diploma Worth Having. Grant Wiggins’ 2011 article
What’s Worth Learning In School. David Perkins – Harvard School of Education
What’s Worth Learning In School. Interview with David Perkins
How To Create A Culture For Valuable Learning. Sir Ken Robinson
What Do Young People Need To Succeed? Summary of U of Chicago report.
It’s Time To Redesign Your Curriculum. Interview with Charles Fadel, Center For Curriculum Redesign
To Advance Education, We Must First Reimagine Society.
Unexpected Tools That Are Influencing The Future of Education.
HS Schedule Changes. One school’s strategy.
Changing What We Teach. Asks important questions for consideration.
How Finland Is Educating For The Future. Interview with Finland Ambassador to USA
Proficiency Based Diploma. Explores alternative graduation requirements.
Education-2025. Wiki offers future school components. Many additional links.
What are the 21st Century Skills That Every Students Needs? World Economic Forum view.
21st Century Education Checklist. List of 21C competencies.
Building Innovation Ecosystems To Reinvent School. Emerging concepts in school design & innovation ecosystems.
We Need To Re-Think How We Educate Kids. Promotes collaboration & communication. Useful links.
Standards We Should Be Focusing On. No traditional subject areas included.

10 TED Talks on Future of Education. 2013
Prepare Our Kids For Life, Not Standardized Tests. TEDx talk.
The Future of Learning. Robert Bjork,  psychologist & researcher
The Global One Room Schoolhouse. John Seely Brown animated keynote.
The Future Show: Knowledge and Learning. Gerd Leonhard talks future education.
Rethinking Learning – 21st Century Learning. MacArthur Foundation. 2010
What 60 Schools Can Tell Us About Teaching 21st Century Skills. Grant Lichtman TEDx Talk. 2013
Schools That Work For Kids. Eric Sheninger  TEDx Talk. 2014
The Surprising Truth About Learning In Schools. Will Richardson TEDx Talk. 2015
School Of The Future. PBS Nova share how science of learning improves school. 2016
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Educational Systems. TEDx Talk. 2016
Creating Joyful Schools For The Future. Tim Carr TEDx Talk. 2017
Reimagining The Future. Slide deck from past revolutions to future thinking. 2017
What Will The Future Look Like in 2030? 7 tech tipping points. World Economic Forum survey. 2017
Alike. Must see CGI animated short film on education, families, life. 2017
Graham Martin Brown Collection. 33 videos about the purpose of school & global education.
How Teachers Inspire Their Students. Student story on teacher inspiration. 2017

Will Robots Teach Our Kids? Tech impact on education based on McKinsey report
Education and Learning By Year 2030. 2007 predictions by 200+ experts.
Forecast 4.0. KnowledgeWorks 2015 edition about future of learning.
Trends and Shifts in Learning. Blog posts by TeachThought.
Schools Of The Future. Essential components for successful future schools.
12 Things That Will Disappear in Classrooms In Next 12 Years. TeachThought.
Future Predictions Beyond 2020. Creative Innovation Global YouTube video. 2m43sec.
Mind Boggling Predictions by 2040. Futurist Ray Kurzweil predictions.
Getting Personal: The Uberification of Learning. A middle school principal’s view.
Tech Predictions for 2016. AI, Google Glass, VR, Facebook e-commerce.
21 Things That Will Be Obsolete in Education by 2020.
Is This What Urban Buildings Will Look Like in 2050? Shows community health & education center. 2013
What Learning Will Look Like in 2035. 40 predictions from Getting Smart.
Envisioning Future Education: 6 Exciting Predictions.
Skills Needed For Future Work. 40 futurists make predictions.
7 Design Changes for Education Future. IDEO Sandy Speicher predicts.
What Teaching in 2047 Might Look Like. Practitioners Q & A with Larry Ferlazzo.
10 Disruptions That Will Revolutionize Education. Balance of tech & relationships.
6 Characteristics of Future Education. Radical restructuring of how we learn in schools, universities, life.

Horizon Reports. New Media Consortium research/predictions on education. Updated annually.
Workplace Automation. McKinsey report. 2015
WEFUSA Report: New Vision For Education. Focus on 21C skills. 2015
College Grads & World of Work. College graduate employment survey. 2014
Bjork Learning & Forgetting Lab Research.
Young Adult Success. Developmental Framework by U of Chicago. 2015
Realizing Human Potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. WEF white paper. 2017
10 Principles For Schools Of Modern Living. Will Richardson & Bruce Dixon white paper. 2017
Preparing Young People For The Future Of Work. Australian policy report. 2017
Jobs & Skills Of The Future. Australian report, includes info on education. 2017

Online Resources/Organizations
Flipboard App. Curate news/articles feed in magazine format. Or Apple News app.
Future of Learning. KnowledgeWorks article series with student focus.
Future of Learning Planning Workbook. Knowledgeworks K-12 resource.
Singularity Hub. Dynamic site sharing all facets of the future. Many articles.
World Future Society. Since 1966, providing resources on the future.
WISE Initiative. Global perspective with research, polls, articles.
The Futures Agency. Consortium of futurists.
Education ReImagined. Promoting learner-centered education.
The Future Of Education. Interview series & discussion community.
Next Generation Learning Challenges. New Learning & Assessment, Models & Systems.
IDEO. Design thinking toolkit for teachers.
The Super School Project. Reimagining high school.
4.0 Schools. Helping communities create micro-schools.
Connected Learning Alliance. Consortium for participatory, interest-driven learning.
Transcend Education. Nonprofit dedicated to accelerating innovation in the core design of “school.”
Institute For The Future. Non-profit helping organizations make the futures they want.
Puget Sound Consortium. Transforming schools, developing new leadership pathways, innovating PD.
HundrED. Finnish organization sharing innovations in K-12 education.
Reinventing Schools. Learner-centered approach to personalized competency-based education.
Students at the Center Hub. Developing educator competencies for personalized learner-centered schools.
Resources on Virtual Reality in Education. A “get started” resource.
Mastery Transcript Consortium. Independent school collab creating HS transcript w/out traditional grades.
Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN). Good stuff out of Australia.
World Leadership School. Partners with schools to create student-centered learning, global reach.
BIGCHANGE. Richard Branson backed funding org for innovative ideas and projects.

Innovative Schools
13 Most Innovative Schools In The World.
41 Most Innovative Schools In America.
New Tech Network. Uses PBL and tech to drive learning.
High Tech High. One of most well-known innovative high schools. Part of HTH K-12 system.
Green School Bali. A K-12 school built on sustainability.
Think Global School. Small HS where students live and learn in four countries a year.
AltSchools. Micro-school communities, personalized learning. Silicon Valley.
NuVu. MS/HS with no courses, classrooms, grades. Uses Studio model, portfolios.
Innovative Schools Network. Uses Facing History content and skills.
Schools For The Future. Designed specifically to serve struggling learners.
Building 21. Philly HS where students design pathway to graduation.
Pioneer Schools. Scroll down for schools by Education Reimagined.
Breakthrough Schools. Large curated list.
Anastasis Academy. Colorado micro-school.
Evangelical School Berlin Centre. No grades, no timetable. German private school.
Escolas Luminar. Brazilian-based futures schools (nursery through age 14).
The Studio School. Small NYC K-8 school featuring cross-age groups, interdisciplinary curriculum.
Khan Lab School. Connected to Khan Academy.
Mid-Pacific Elementary School. Touted by Tony Wagner as 21C model school.
Ross School. Interdisciplinary curriculum with global perspective.
6 Mastery Based High School Profiles. Profiled by springpoint consortium.
Roosevelt Innovation Academy. “School within a school” concept. International IB school in Peru.

People To Follow
Ray Kurzweil. Google Director of Engineering. #1 futurist prognosticator.
Peter Diamandis. Futurist. Co-founder of Singularity.
Thomas Frey. Senior futurist at DaVinci Institute.
Gerd Leonhard. Futurist.
Nicholas Negroponte. Co-founder MIT Media Lab.
Mark Bonchek. Works with leaders on shifting mindsets & exponential thinking.
Jane McGonigal. Alternative reality game designer, TedX speaker, author, future forecaster.
Will Richardson. Educator, parent, leading voice for change in education.
Graham Brown-Martin. Founder of Learning Without Frontiers. Transforming global education.
Brian Alexander. Educator, futurist, speaker, writer
AJ Juliani. School education and technology innovation specialist.
Heather McGowan. Linking future of work and learning.
Terry Heick. Thought leader on how and why people learn.
Anya Kamenetz. Digital ed NPR correspondent. Author, The Test.
David Culberhouse. Education, leadership with emphasis on the future.
Grant Lichtman. Thought leader supporting transformative K-12 change.
David Price. Global thought leader, learning futurist; specializing in how organizations learn, innovate.

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