25 “Tweet-able” Quotes On Leadership

In case you haven’t noticed, leadership has changed. A lot.

Gone are the days where the leader stands at the top of the pyramid; speaking authoritatively, doling out wisdom, and is the keeper of all decision-making.

Today, from the professional sport coach’s team room to business executive suites to the principal’s office, there are several key words and phrases that resonate deeply with leaders in successful organizations. These words are consistent across both the public and private sectors.

Which words and phrases?    Relationship Building, Culture, Trust.

Leaders who emphasize their EQ (instead of their IQ) are creating more synergy and achievement in their organizations.

Here are 25 quotes to nurture your educational leadership EQ. All are Tweet ready at less than 140 characters.

Administration is about things. Leadership is about people. Which one do you focus most on?

 Leadership must model and support all in developing positive culture. Relationships are everything!”

• “Never forget leadership is much more about people, much less about things. Be sure everyone knows this about you.”

• “Intuitive leadership is aware of the potential power of every contact.”

• “Visionary school leadership is needed like never before. But without communication & compassion, the vision matters little.”

 Leadership has responsibility for creating, nurturing, and modeling a caring, sharing culture.”

• “Leadership is a verb, not a noun. It’s your actions, not your title, that makes a difference.”

 Leadership is not about me. It’s about you and your needs/desires to be successful.”

• “Although Ts do initiate and evolve change, leadership has the responsibility for creating a culture of change.”

• “Time is finite resource. Leadership needs to re-structure priorities to make space for collaboration.”

• “It starts with leadership. Leaders must do their best to model fairness, equity, and caring as foundational values.”

 Leadership is much more about the people you serve than the things you manage.”

• “21C leadership thrives in ambiguity.”

 “Leadership must ensure parents know their children are respected & valued by all adults at school.”

• “Smart leaders know to create leadership space for others and are not threatened by it.”

• “Never try to prove you are the smartest person in the room. Provide others as many leadership opportunities as possible.”

• “Apathetic school environments fall, first and foremost, on leadership.”

 Leadership needs to do everything possible to buffer external factors to protect the work Ts and Ss do (learning).”

• “Culture changing requires leadership that builds relationships with all community members.”

• “Note to aspiring, young admin: Building a positive school culture is your most important leadership skill.”

• “Thinking my greatest leadership gift is ensuring other stars shine brighter than mine.”

• “Humility is essential to great leadership.

• “Be human with students. Show them leadership does not equate with perfection.”

• “You build culture with every conversation. Has to be in your leadership DNA.”

• “It is time for the tradition to change – empathy, humility and kindness are strength leadership.”